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How to fix WooCommerce Subscriptions crashing site – get_editable_roles error

Having trouble activating WooCommerce Subscriptions on your site because activation of the extension crashes your site completely? Look at your error message (if you have none, activate WordPress debug mode) If your error messages includes a failed call for get_editable_roles
then we got you covered.
Download this patched file (fixed by Gabor Javorszky, thanks!), courtesy of Prospress and replace your includes/admin/class-wc-subscriptions-admin.php.
This should solve the issue.
Download WC Subscriptions patched file

How to enable WordPress debug mode

Normally WordPress suppresses most PHP warnings and errors. WordPress debug mode displays error messages that are vital for troubleshooting.
You can find detailed info in the WordPress codex.

Enable WP_DEBUG manually

My preferred method of enabling debug mode is manually via editing the wp-config.php file. Add these lines before /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

Enable WP_DEBUG with a plugin

You can also use a plugin called simply “debug”.

WooCommerce Subscriptions blank settings after upgrade

If you have a blank WooCommerce Subscriptions or WooCommerce Checkout settings page after upgrading to WordPress 4.4 while running WooCommerce Subscriptions, then you might have run into an error caused by a modification in a core file that was released with WordPress version 4.4. This issue also prevents anyone from adding subscription products to the cart.

Turning on WP-DEBUG  will get you this kind of error:
Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate’
The error has been fixed already and will be released in WordPress version 4.4.1.

WooCommerce database transient issue

We have an ongoing discussion here.

If you read a bit then you see that my splendid mate Mike Jolley is aware of the problem and has implemented a possible solution for this in WooCommerce 2.5 – fingers crossed

But you do not need to wait that long.
You can try and tackle this manually using this:

Using our tools will also alleviate the issue.