WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export cart discount and order discount column missing

These two columns were removed in version 3.11.0 when support for WooCommerce 2.2: cart_discount and order_discount was removed as well.

These two columns remained after WooCommerce 2.3 was released for backwards compatibi... Read More

How to troubleshoot WooCommerce products with fail to save issues or corrupt database entries

Break it down

A good technique to resolve problems where the editing or saving of a WooCommerce product fails is to start fresh. This is best done by recreating the scenario you are dealing with but with minimum requirements.

Lets say you ... Read More

How to test and resolve your active WordPress theme for conflict with WooCommerce

Updates, updates, updates

WordPress and WooCommerce are in a constant state of update. This is good, updates keep your site stable. If all your WordPress site components are built modular and there is no overwriting of files, the updates will kee... Read More

How to troubleshoot duplicate or unprocessed renewal payments in WooCommerce Subscriptions

How WooCommerce Subscriptions renewal payments can fail

WooCommerce Subscriptions renewal payments can show faulty behaviour by either not being processed or by being processed twice (or more). Here is what you can do when trying to troubleshoot ... Read More

WordPress WooCommerce troubleshooting flowchart for support

Every support case is the same, but different.

In an attempt to empower every one to be a little better when it comes to troubleshooting their WordPress / WooCommerce site: Here is a flow chart that displays the steps I take in many (not all) sup... Read More

Hosting Companies that use caching or custom plugins that may interfere with WooCommerce

A number of hosting companies use caching methods or custom plugins that are preconfigured on their servers to improve performance.

If you run into trouble with your WooCommerce installation but fail to reproduce this locally or on a proven test sy... Read More

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