How to choose WooCommerce / WordPress hosting

A frequent question of many shop builders and shop owners is the question of how to find good hosting for your WordPress or WooCommerce site. Hosting offers are usually presented in clear criteria, so lets jump right in.

Here is my current formula:

Software requirements

  • Run PHP 5.6 or higher, this site runs on PHP 7.0.x – I tend to go for the most recent PHP version with the most extended set of functions.
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher – many hosting companies provide different flavours of MySQL, they are usually all ok. Do not settle for MySQL versions below 5.6.

Hardware requirements

  • Private dedicated server, no virtual hosts. You are setting up a complex, database driven eCommerce software platform. Do NOT save on your hardware.
  • Processor: Intel¬ģ Xeon¬ģ E5-2680V4 or better.
  • RAM: 24 GB DDR4 RAM (ECC) or better
  • Disks:¬†120 GB SSD / 960 GB SAS – RAID 10


  • Access to the php.ini file so you can quickly adapt your PHP settings.
  • External database access to your MySQL.
  • Check whether caching is superimposed. Many¬†WordPress specialised hosting companies do this, but they hardly talk about it.
  • allow_url_fopen¬†->¬†trueallowed. Some plugins who communicate with third parties require this.
  • A common blog such as the one you are reading requires about 1GB of disk space and about 10 MB of MySQL database space. Every product is a post. Running a¬†WooCommerce store with thousands of products is like running a very, very large¬†WordPress site.
  • Whatever you are calculating for a¬†WordPress site, triple for a¬†WooCommerce store.

Good hosting such as this will be in the price range between 50-100 EUR/month in Germany. This is my starting point of reference.

Happy Hosting to y’all.


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