Cannot save Custom Fields in WordPress backend

Sometimes custom fields fail to save. As a possible solution you can try and increase the max_input_vars which was introduced in PHP version 5.3.9. The default value for max_input_vars is 1000, which means that if your form has has more than 1000 inputs, any additional values will fail to save.

You can increase max_input_vars via your php.ini file:

max_input_vars = 3000

or via .htaccess document:

php_value max_input_vars 3000

And as always there is of course a plugin available that can help in checking your PHP version and editing your php.ini file.

WordPress WooCommerce troubleshooting flowchart for support

Every support case is the same, but different.

In an attempt to empower every one to be a little better when it comes to troubleshooting their WordPress / WooCommerce site: Here is a flow chart that displays the steps I take in many (not all) support tickets, when doing WooCommerce support.

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This flow chart is super beta and will be developed further by me.
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I hope you find it helpful.

Current version: 1.1

How to move a WooCommerce Subscriptions site to a new domain and how it uses staging site mode

What happens when you move a WooCommerce with active WooCommerce Subscriptions?
WooCommerce Subscriptions knows when it was moved to a new domain and immediately stops all recurring payments on the newly moved site until manually reactivation. This way no double payments are triggered automatically.
Checklist for moving your WooCommerce Subscriptions site:

Tread carefully! A WooCommerce store with active WooCommerce Subscriptions is a complex structure. Expect trouble and always have a contingency plan that allows you to undo all of your actions so you can rollback when you hit a dead end.