WooThemes Support Tipps

  1. Our ticket system sometimes has trouble with email and you cannot use any other mail address but the one registered with our ticket system. To play it safe: Please always reply directly within the ticket from your WooThemes Account instead of using email. If you cannot see your answer in your ticket dashboard, then it has never reached us. 
  2. Please note that once we reply to you, your ticket is set to pending and closes automatically if I do not hear from you within a week. You can always tell us to keep a ticket open for you at anytime, or just reply to an automatically closed ticket to re-open it. Oftentimes a customer is negatively surprised that we ‘close a ticket on them’. Almost always this is due to a result of paragraph 1.
  3. You can send us passwords securely via https://quickforget.com/
  4. Screencasts are worth more then a 1000 words, I recommend Record It for quick use.
  5. Are you satisfied with your care? You can close tickets anytime via the links in the messages you receive during our conversation.
  6. Do not ever send us passwords per mail (by using the integrated WordPress feature to send it via mail)
  7. Do it yourself – Fixing theme and plugin conflicts

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