Hi, I am Constantin, a WordPress and Open Source enthusiast from Germany. I decided for WordPress in 2005 and never regretted the decision once. Over the years I had the opportunity to work with many different companies from numerous industries. I have worked self employed, with small and big agencies, either as part of the team or freelancer.

In my free time I currently explore solutions for enterprise environments and dabble with PHP frameworks while also trying to befriend React + React Native JS. Furthermore I am exploring advanced WordPress hosting. This site was recently moved to a digital ocean droplet and is managed by my own Nginx server, no hosting company involved.  I love my last speed test results. For benchmarking I recommend Lighthouse which is built into Chrome.

When I am not improving the world with Automattic and Woo, I read, study, blog, play with Ableton Live, contact juggle, visit the gym or hit the dance floor at my favourite venues. These days I am located in Berlin, Germany.

Besides my job and my hobbies, my favourite conversation topics are the art of communication, leadership, personality types and traits and human development. I am a big fan Derren Brown, because he explores the aspects of what it means to be human like no other and admire the work of Friedeman Schulz von Thun and Susan Caine.

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Need WooCommerce community support?
In December 2014 I founded the Advanced WordPress group on facebook.
Come and join us.

I also love testing new WordPress plugins every day and I keep a growing list of favourites.

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