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How to setup WooCommerce Bookings with multiple booking durations, fees and varying costs

Here is a use case that frequently comes up for hotels and room rentals using WooCommerce Bookings.

The requirements


“Booking should be done 48 hours in advance, hence there shouldn’t be rooms available for same/next day booking.”
The pricing structure and therefore booking duration is divided into three types:
12h (4h) block stay
Overnight stay
Day stay
Prices increase on weekends.
Each booking must add the reservation fee

I played through various scenarios where I also thought of using WooCommerce Product Add ons at one point.

How to setup availability rules in WooCommerce Bookings

Availability rules galore

WooCommerce Bookings can be tough to setup. In my recent weeks, I have compiled a “rule of thumb” list that I stick to whenever I solve bookings scenarios.

Most issues arise in configuring the right availability for a custom scenario. Oftentimes people end up with either the wrong or no bookable slots at all. In my experience this is often caused by too many availability rules that end up interfering with each other.

How to setup one time / on-off payment or free plan in WooCommerce Subscriptions

Setting up a one time payment

WooCommerce Subscriptions offers a signup fee you can use to collect a one time payment using WooCommerce Subscriptions.
Here is how.

Set the recurring price to zero
Set the duration to the required time
Set the sign up fee to the full amount you want to collect

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Setting up a free plan to downgrade to

If you want your users to be able to downgrade to a free plan you can use WooCommerce Subscriptions and setup a variable Subscription product.

Setup a plan type attribute


How to fix saving issues in WooCommerce and WordPress

Sometimes you have trouble saving settings in WooCommerce. Your shipping zones do not get saved or your WooCommerce Bookings resources fail to get saved. Here are possible issue scenarios for you
to check.


 Corrupted WooCommerce database tables

Not being able to save may indicate damage to your WooCommerce MySQL database tables. The best way to fix this is to completely deinstall WooCommerce manually followed by a new installation. This rebuilds the database tables anew

Plugin conflict interfering

The form failing to save may be due to conflict between active components.

WooCommerce plugin features and inter-compatibility

WooCommerce is simplicity and stablility

WooCommerce itself follows the same principle that WordPress has been true to successfully for many years. The core is simple and above all stable and easily extendable.

If you are running a self hosted shop, you need to do configure and extend your shop until it meets you or your clients requirements. There are many, many plugins that you can use to extend your WooCommerce shop.

Here are a few things to consider.

Plugins are not compatible with each other

Plugin A will not work with plugin B and C, unless specifically stated.