How to export all orders regardless of their order status when using Order/Customer CSV Export

Last Updated on: 1st August 2016, 02:59 am

When using WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export, each order gets only exported once. After the initial export the order is marked as ‘already exported’ and thus skipped in subsequent exports. Sometimes you want to export all orders even when they have been exported prior.

Exporting all orders regardless of their order status when using WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export is possible using custom code.

Here is a snippet by Tamara Zuk.

Do not know how to use these snippets?
Here is my help article on using custom code snippets.
Oh, and do not forget to backup.

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  1. Michael Welz Avatar
    Michael Welz


    we used your code which worked fine until we did update the plugin today to version 4.1.2. Do you know how this can be done with this new version?


    1. Con Schneider Avatar
      Con Schneider


      That depends on the cause. Any error messages or something in the debug log?
      From the top of my head, I would check the hook and the query argument terms. I reckon the method should still be the same, but you never know. I have not reviewed the source code of version 4.1.2. so I do not know what differences have been introduced. Last but not least it could also be something else, like conflict between active plugins. I would try and see if there are any error logged and take it from there.


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