How to fix WordPress CRON service and CRON jobs

Last Updated on: 29th April 2022, 04:19 pm

Scheduled Events in WordPress

Many plugins and extension rely on timed processes. WooCommerce Subscriptions for example schedules renewal payments as future WooCommerce orders and a frequent issue scenario is failed renewal payments.

Know your CRON

All scheduled events are managed by WP-CRON service.

Therefore one essential troubleshooting step in resolving impaired scheduled events is to check whether your WordPress CRON is doing ok.

How to check if CRON is running ok

  • Schedule a post on your WordPress site for 5 minutes in the future to see if the post gets published.

Use my plugin: WP CRON Tester.

I have created a plugin for this task, as it is a common task for troubleshooting WooCommerce Subscriptions issue scenarios.

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