Plugin: WP CRON Tester

Last Updated on: 28th May 2019, 04:22 pm

Meet WP CRON Tester

This plugin quickly answers the question “Is my WordPress CRON service running ok?”.

It adds a test CRON job and displays debugging content on each single post page.

On the single post page the timestamp of the test CRON job is displayed among with information whether CRON has been disabled or if alternative CRON has been set via wp-config.php.

The next time you need to verify whether CRON service is running ok, I hope this proves helpful.

This is a tool for debugging purposes and should not be left active on a production site. Use it, solve your problem and then remove it again. Do not keep this plugin active permanently.

Download WP CRON Tester

GitHub: WP-CRON-Tester.


Screenshot of the single post page


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