How to backup your WordPress / WooCommerce mails

Last Updated on: 19th November 2022, 08:03 pm

Backup your WordPress and WooCommerce mails

Emails can be a crucial part of your business, especially when they are transactional and used to communicate with customers. My opinion is that every site that uses mails should also definitely use a mail log. There are many email log plugins available but so far I could not find one that allows to automatically backup your mails to an external destination as well.

Better yet, keep a log

You can of course use a conventional backup to archive a database dump. But the trouble with standard backups is the lack of accessibility. Most of the time you need to actually restore the data that was saved in a backup to be able to access it properly.

But restoring your database also has the downside that it will usually overwrite all data that was written since the backup was taken. Take a WooCommerce store for example and imagine you have daily orders. Restoring your database to a previous state would mean loosing all orders for that period.

Better yet, keep a log backup

Meet Mailtree Log Mail which has REST API support. You will need:

Mailtree Log Mail + 1 WordPress site which you will use to store you log additionally.

With it you can do the following:

  • Install Mailtree Log Mail on a WordPress site A and a WordPress site B.
  • Generate an Application Password on WordPress site B.
  • Enter the Application Password along with the URL on WordPress site A.
  • Send a test mail and find a log entry on both WordPress site A and a WordPress site B.

This creates a backup of your mails which you can check anytime fast.

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