How to setup availability rules in WooCommerce Bookings

Con Schneider

Con Schneider

Availability rules galore

WooCommerce Bookings can be tough to setup. In my recent weeks, I have compiled a “rule of thumb” list that I stick to whenever I solve bookings scenarios.

Most issues arise in configuring the right availability for a custom scenario. Oftentimes people end up with either the wrong or no bookable slots at all. In my experience this is often caused by too many availability rules that end up interfering with each other. Here is how I solve these kind of issues.

WooCommerce Bookings Availability Rules cheat sheet

  • Always use the “available by default” value for the “All dates are…” setting. This saves you from having to deal with availability priorities. Since there is no way to make your set priority rules visible (the order in which they run/load) it is very hard to troubleshoot. Best to stay away from that to begin with.
  • Do not use redundant restrictions. Sometimes I see availability rules set in resources or the product that are not required. For example a set availability during the day, when there is noting that restricts during the day in the first place. If your availability rule does not make any difference to begin with, ditch it.
  • Never set overlapping availability rules. I oftentimes see an overlap in availability rules, especially when comparing global and local availability. You should avoid overlap all together. Day and time values must not intersect in any way. Check your global, product (local) and resource availability rules and clear all overlap.
  • Make use of “First Block starts at” setting to save on availability rules. Many people set availability rules to block out night time time slots. This creates unnecessary bloat in the availability rules section. Use the “First Block starts at” setting instead.

Stay lean

Ultimately you should try and achieve your WooCommerce Bookings scenario with the least amount of availability rules. This way you minimise room for error (and frustration).

Let me know any questions in the comments and happy WooCommerce Bookings setup.

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