How to setup one time / on-off payment or free plan in WooCommerce Subscriptions

Setting up a one time payment

WooCommerce Subscriptions offers a signup fee you can use to collect a one time payment using WooCommerce Subscriptions.
Here is how.

  • Set the recurring price to zero
  • Set the duration to the required time
  • Set the sign up fee to the full amount you want to collect

Screen Shot

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Setting up a free plan to downgrade to

If you want your users to be able to downgrade to a free plan you can use WooCommerce Subscriptions and setup a variable Subscription product.

  • Setup a plan type attribute

Screen Shot

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  • Set zero for recurring price and sign up fee

Screen Shot

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Using payments prorating you can also offer your customers to switch to annual payments at any time.

That is it. You can spin up a free test site at any time at to test these settings and comment here with any question you have.



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