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How to troubleshoot WooCommerce products with fail to save issues or corrupt database entries

Break it down

A good technique to resolve problems where the editing or saving of a WooCommerce product fails is to start fresh. This is best done by recreating the scenario you are dealing with but with minimum requirements.

Lets say you are troubleshooting a WooCommerce Bookings issue. You have this elaborated product with perfect configuration. Everything was working fine yesterday, but today the booking process has stopped working as it should.

You have tried everything. Toggling all different features, tried on different browsers, checking every configuration, but the error pertains.

How to check and resolve conflict in WordPress and WooCommerce

Check for conflict fast
If your problem is unrelated to login / logout, you can use the health check plugin for checking for conflict fast.
Checklist for resolving conflict
Here is a checklist for you to go through all steps of resolving conflict on your WordPress and WooCommerce site. Scroll down for detailed information for all steps. Happy troubleshooting.

Component conflict occurs often
WordPress is simple and stable out of the box. As you customise your site with a custom theme and plugins and custom code, conflict can occur.

On support in WooCommerce

This post reflects solely my personal opinion. It is not affiliated or supported by Automattic or WooCommerce in any ways.

What do you get when you shop at

When you buy an extension at you buy three things.

Access to the files you purchased.
All files may be downloaded unlimited times for as long as your subscription is valid.
Access to a closed support form.
You may contact the WooCommerce team directly via the support form, which opens a ticket in ZenDesk.

How to create screenshots and screencasts for support tickets

Show instead of tell

When asking for support it is essential to be able to create and provide screenshots and screencasts to the party that you seek support from. It saves both sides an enormous amount of time and will get you a faster answer every time. Here are two tips to help you get a faster reply from any support you are working with:

Tipp 1 -For each “where?” provide an URL and screenshot:

Every support request starts with an initial location and then hops on to multiple locations (cart page, checkout and so on).

How to fix E-Mail problems in WordPress and WooCommerce

A frequent issue in WordPress or WooCommerce: Email do not get sent. Here is a suggested path to resolve this.
Step 1: Install a log to see if mails get triggered
The first thing you want to do when dealing with this is make sure, that there is email activity to begin with. Here are two plugin that can help you:

Install one of them, then repeat the action that triggers the mail (register for a new account, purchase a product in your shop) and take a look at the log.