How to check and resolve conflict in WordPress and WooCommerce

Last Updated on: 15th May 2019, 09:15 am

Check for conflict fast

If your problem is unrelated to login / logout, you can use the health check plugin for checking for conflict fast.

Checklist for resolving conflict

Here is a checklist for you to go through all steps of resolving conflict on your WordPress and WooCommerce site. Scroll down for detailed information for all steps. Happy troubleshooting.

Component conflict occurs often

WordPress is simple and stable out of the box. As you customise your site with a custom theme and plugins and custom code, conflict can occur. Parts that you use to compose your website sometimes collide. They can block each other from resources or have identical names in the code that confuse each other. The result is always the same, something goes south.

Your feature stops working. A page layout capsizes and moreover this can come over night since your site is getting constant updates to maintain stable performance. Therefore you should always have a backup ready to deploy.

Due diligence: Apply pending updates

Checking for conflict is mandatory for every troubleshooting case. But before you check for conflict, you should always first apply all pending updates.

Update all the things:

  • Active plugins
  • Active theme
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce

Did I mention you need a working backup at all times? Before you do that, please do make a full backup.

WordPress template and plugin conflict check

If your issue is unfazed by applying all updates then the next step is to check for conflict.

Here is how:

  1. Check for template conflict. Read my article here on how to do so.
  2. Check for plugin conflict. Disable all non-required plugins. If that does not help, keep disabling plugins, one boy one. Plugin Organizer is an elegant way to do so. I made a video tutorial on how to use it.

Still combating your issue?

  1. Disable all caching mechanisms you have in place next. Caching might be superimposed by your hosting provider: Read my article on caching here.
  2. Your database data might be corrupted. To check this: Move back to square one.

Use for ruling out all conflict

When troubleshooting you need to rule out many factors.

  • conflict between active plugins
  • conflict between active plugins and active theme
  • conflict between active components and your server configuration
  • conflict due to caching
  • conflict due to custom code

This must be taken out of the equation, when looking for the source of your problem. Only then can you be certain that there is a causality between the cause and effect you are observing.

wcdemo is a private project of mine where you can test drive WooCommerce extensions for free. It can be used to spin up a clean test environment fast.
Give it a try.

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