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WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export cart discount and order discount column missing

These two columns were removed in version 3.11.0 when support for WooCommerce 2.2: cart_discount and order_discount was removed as well.

These two columns remained after WooCommerce 2.3 was released for backwards compatibility and no longer apply as version 2.3 introduced changes to the coupon system – more details here:

Since it’s no longer possible to have both order discounts and cart discount, the WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export extension now only has a discount_total column.

I suggest that you apply the required changes in any integrations using the CSV export to work with the current state of columns exported

How to test and resolve your active WordPress theme for conflict with WooCommerce

Updates, updates, updates

WordPress and WooCommerce are in a constant state of update. This is good, updates keep your site stable. If all your WordPress site components are built modular and there is no overwriting of files, the updates will keep your site running smoothly, because they all get applied, no problem.

Template overwrites block updates

But if there are components that get overwritten they are excluded from the update process.

How to troubleshoot WooCommerce CSV files with faulty or incomplete import

Import almost all the things offers two official CSV import extensions. The Product CSV Import Suite and Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite. Both extensions allow you to import CSV files to create bulk entries.

When your CSV import fails or produces incomplete results, most of the time your CSV file is either missing data or it contains incompatible data.


Check column titles first

The first thing you should check are your header columns. We have column header reference help pages that give you a complete overview over supported column titles and the data they accept.

How to update or install a WordPress plugin manually via FTP or backend.

Sometimes you cannot update a WordPress or WooCommerce plugin via your backend using the auto update option. It happens. My advice: ignore it and update manually. Only if the issue persists and the lack of auto update is starting to annoy you multiple times, escalate to a support queue.

A manual update for a paid WooCommerce extension is done as follows.

Go to your WooCommerce account and download the extension.
Unpack the extension.
Upload via a FTP client.

Duplicate images when using WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite

When using WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite you may at one point find yourself with duplicated images in your media library.

WooCommerce has an FAQ here that explains how to avoid physical duplication of image files on your server.

The images will still always be duplicated in your Media Library though, here is why.

The extension uses the WP importer. The WP importer dictates a 1:1 relationship of product and image. We have yet to find a way to circumvent this.

WooCommerce database transient issue

We have an ongoing discussion here.

If you read a bit then you see that my splendid mate Mike Jolley is aware of the problem and has implemented a possible solution for this in WooCommerce 2.5 – fingers crossed

But you do not need to wait that long.
You can try and tackle this manually using this:

Using our tools will also alleviate the issue.