Woocommerce Product Vendors uses PayPal to payout commissions.
If commissions do not get paid neither automatically nor manually, it is time to do some testing.... Read More

How to test and resolve your active WordPress theme for conflict with WooCommerce

Updates, updates, updates

WordPress and WooCommerce are in a constant state of update. This is good, updates keep your site stable. If all your WordPress site components are built modular and there is no overwriting of files, the updates will keep your site running smoothly, because they all get applied, no problem.... Read More

How to troubleshoot WooCommerce CSV files with faulty or incomplete import

Import almost all the things

WooCommerce.com offers two official CSV import extensions. The Product CSV Import Suite and Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite. Both extensions allow you to import CSV files to create bulk entries.... Read More

How to update or install a WordPress plugin manually via FTP or backend.

Sometimes you cannot update a WordPress or WooCommerce plugin via your backend using the auto update option. It happens. My advice: ignore it and update manually. Only if the issue persists and the lack of auto update is starting to annoy you multiple times, escalate to a support queue.... Read More

Duplicate images when using WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite

When using WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite you may at one point find yourself with duplicated images in your media library. WooCommerce has an FAQ here that explains how to avoid physical duplication of image files on your server. The images will still always be duplicated in your Media Library though, here is why.

WooCommerce database transient issue

Transients are a WordPress topic, it is not directly connected to WooCommerce per se. They are used to retrieve data out of the SQL database. Using transients is much faster then a normal SQL query, thus making extensive use of them recommendable. Occasionally they do become a problem though.

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