WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export cart discount and order discount column missing

TheseĀ two columns were removed in version 3.11.0 when support for WooCommerce 2.2: cart_discount and order_discount was removed as well.

These two columns remained after WooCommerce 2.3 was released for backwards compatibility and no longer apply as version 2.3 introduced changes to the coupon system – more details here: https://woocommerce.wordpress.com/2014/12/12/upcoming-coupon-changes-in-woocommerce-2-3/.

Since it’s no longer possible to have both order discounts and cart discount, the WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export extension now only has a discount_total column.

IĀ suggest that you apply the required changes in any integrations using the CSV export to work with the current state of columns exported and replaces any uses of cart_discount and order_discount with just discount_total.

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