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How to resolve conflict in WordPress and WooCommerce using Plugin Organizer

Plugin Organizer is one of my most essential tools. There is hardly anything better for resolving conflict. It is also a nice tool to optimise for speed.

Here is a short screencast of mine showing how to use Plugin Organizer.

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  • Nicolai

    This is probably the most useful WordPress tutorial I have ever seen. Ive been dreaming of something like this plugin for years. Every time I have a problem with my site, which is a live web store, the first request anyone from tech support will tell me is “disable all plugins” Understandable, but almost impossible for me on a site where people are paying to use my site may even be buying something at that very moment.

    By following this video I was able to discover which plugin was causing a major problem in my admin panel and disable it on one admin page only without any visitors on my site ever noticing! I will be using this tool/technique a LOT. Thank you for making this video.

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