How to enable Template Debug Mode in WooCommerce

Last Updated on: 28th September 2022, 08:24 pm

Since WooCommerce 3.0 there is no template debug mode option anymore. Instead add this to your wp-config.php

define( 'WC_TEMPLATE_DEBUG_MODE', true );

WooCommerce has two very nice debug features often overlooked. One of them being the Template Debug mode. This tool will disable template overrides for logged-in administrators for debugging purposes and should always be tried out as a first step, when dealing with WooCommerce issues related to layout and content. It is also very helpful when checking for conflicts.

Many themes overwrite WooCommerce template files. A behaviour that can cause malfunctions.

Go to WooCommerce -> System Status and navigate to the Tools tab. The relative URL is:


Scroll down to “Template Debug Mode”, tick the box and hit Save changes.

Here is a small screencast in addition.
View this screencast in a new Tab.


As stated above this will be only active for logged-in administrators. You can take your time debugging as your shop visitors will not see any differences.

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