WooCommerce download link in emails not working

If you are using WooCommerce to deliver downloadable content and the links in the notification mails fail, try changing the download method as a possible solution.

Go to /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=products&section=downloadable aka WooCommerce >> Settings >> Products >>Downloadable ProductsĀ and change the download method.

Do a test run with each available setting.



  1. My S3 download goes to an XML file?

    Access Denied D15182AF5AC4A37B bLc1sLaXepA6x171hXFNFfZ9w41UoH5vnHwKnQJ7fL1PohiR4kruPfHvQLQC69zAEA5eqVC4Iu8=

    1. Hello Keely,

      Thanks for your message. If you have exhausted the options described in this post, I encourage you to continue with a conflict test or open a support ticket at WooCommerce.com.

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