Processing instead of complete because of physical shipment

WooCommerce per default sets all WooCommerce orders to processing after a successful payment. The reason behind this is that it assumes you are selling physical goods that need to be shipped.... Read More

How to troubleshoot WooCommerce CSV files with faulty or incomplete import

Import almost all the things offers two official CSV import extensions. The Product CSV Import Suite and Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite. Both extensions allow you to import CSV files to create bulk entries.... Read More

How to export all orders regardless of their order status when using Order/Customer CSV Export

When using WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export, each order gets only exported once. After the initial export the order is marked as ‘already exported’ and thus skipped in subsequent exports. Sometimes you want to export all orders even when they have been exported prior.... Read More

How to sync WordPress / WooCommerce staging and production site. A current overview.

The problem scenario

I have come across many different scenarios and tickets where it would have been mighty helpful to be able to sync two WooCommerce sites. This is one of my favourite subjects so I try to keep tabs on various tools and also set aside time to test promising solutions.... Read More

How to setup basic fields in WooCommerce Bookings

In order to be able to setup your WooCommerce Bookings product, you need to know the parameters you have available. Here is my own explanation of basic WooCommerce Bookings form fields in plain english. It is neither complete nor official, and yes there can be mistakes in it. If you find any fault in this, please let me know via the comments. The official documentation is can be found here.... Read More

How to move a WooCommerce Subscriptions site to a new domain and how it uses staging site mode

What happens when you move a WooCommerce with active WooCommerce Subscriptions?

WooCommerce Subscriptions knows when it was moved to a new domain and immediately stops all recurring payments on the newly moved site until manually reactivation. This way no double payments are triggered automatically.... Read More

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