Regenerating Docker Machine TLS Certificate

Yesterday I updated my virtual box which confused my Local by Flywheel setup much. It got stuck in a loop, “Regenerating Docker Machine TLS Certificate ” then “Checking System”.

Here is the solution that worked for me as posted in: work on a Mac. If your Local runs on Windows, visit the link above for a modified version.

Quit Docker. Open terminal and run:

alias local-docker-machine=”/Applications/Local\ by\”

Wait for it to run, should only take a moment.

How to choose a secure password for WordPress

Understanding the WordPress password system
WordPress makes use of the zxcvbn code to estimate whether a chosen password is strong or not. The code is courtesy of Dropbox and hosted here on Github. Dropbox published a very nice blog post in 2012 explaining its concept. My following explanations are based on its content which were eye opening to me. I encourage you to give it a read, if you are interested in the subject.

The author also provides a test tool that you can use to gauge password strength in a very informative manner.