How to choose a secure password for WordPress

Understanding the WordPress password system
WordPress makes use of the zxcvbn code to estimate whether a chosen password is strong or not. The code is courtesy of Dropbox and hosted here on Github. Dropbox published a very nice blog post in 2012 explaining its concept. My following explanations are based on its content which were eye opening to me. I encourage you to give it a read, if you are interested in the subject.

The author also provides a test tool that you can use to gauge password strength in a very informative manner.

How to edit PHP values in WordPress and WooCommerce

PHP code is managed by your servers PHP settings
WordPress and WooCommerce PHP code can fail due to your servers PHP configuration. Some plugin’s PHP code require certain configuration values to be active, while some hosting providers may configure your servers PHP environment in a way that impairs execution.

Developers test their code using their configured local environments. Their server configuration often differs from what your hosting providers deems necessary.

How to manage stock and backorders in WooCommerce

WooCommerce allows to manage inventory for each product and product variations. Enable the “Manage Stock?” option to make the following visible:

Screenshot of the inventory tab of a WooCommerce Simple product.
Stock control
WooCommerce has two options used to manage stock.

The stock quantity which counts the number of available items.
The stock status which manages the availability of the product on the front end.

In the default configuration backorders are not allowed.

How to setup WooCommerce Bookings with multiple booking durations, fees and varying costs

Here is a use case that frequently comes up for hotels and room rentals using WooCommerce Bookings.

The requirements


“Booking should be done 48 hours in advance, hence there shouldn’t be rooms available for same/next day booking.”
The pricing structure and therefore booking duration is divided into three types:
12h (4h) block stay
Overnight stay
Day stay
Prices increase on weekends.
Each booking must add the reservation fee

I played through various scenarios where I also thought of using WooCommerce Product Add ons at one point.

Plugin: WP CRON Tester

Meet WP CRON Tester

This plugin quickly answers the question “Is my WordPress CRON service running ok?”.

It adds a test CRON job and displays debugging content on each single post page.

On the single post page the timestamp of the test CRON job is displayed among with information whether CRON has been disabled or if alternative CRON has been set via wp-config.php.

The next time you need to verify whether CRON service is running ok, I hope this proves helpful.

This is a tool for debugging purposes and should not be left active on a