How to fix WordPress CRON service and CRON jobs

Scheduled Events inĀ WordPress

Many plugins and extension rely on timed processes. WooCommerce Subscriptions for example schedules renewal payments as future WooCommerce orders and a frequent issue scenario is

Plugin: WP CRON Tester

Meet WP CRON Tester

This plugin quickly answers the question “Is my WordPress CRON service running ok?”.

It adds a test CRON job and displays debugging content on each single post page.

On the single pos... Read More

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Mini-Plugin: WooCommerce Cart Set Subtotal to Total

This is a mini plugin that sets the subtotal in your WooCommerce cart always to the value of the total amount. PHP can have trouble with rounding your price amounts, especially when your shop uses lower, odd price values like 1,99 or 2,73. Add tax calcula... Read More

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Mini plugin: Display Current Server Date and Time

This is a mini plugin thatĀ displays the current server date and time on eachĀ WooCommerce Single Product page or by shortcode. I use it for troubleshooting timed events linked toĀ WooCommerce orders.

Date and time gets displayed: