I am a fan of speed optimisation and also like to tinker with WP Offload S3 by delicious brains. Recently I found myself in the need of reseting the media library uploads.... Read More

How to enable WooCommerce Stripe payment gateway debug mode

When things go sideways with Stripe payments using https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-gateway-stripe/ enable WordPress debug mode and Stripe debug mode. You should enable debug mode as early as you can when you detect failed or double payments. Once your issue is resolved you can turn it off again.... Read More

How to fix broken links and missing pages in WordPress by resetting permalinks

The permalink structure can get lost sometimes

Sometimes the link structure on your WordPress needs a jumpstart.  After deploying your site, installing new features or just plain high volume day to day operation your links may have moved to places where they don’t belong. If you are seeing unexpected 404 pages, for example with redirection after successful payments in WooCommerce, try resetting your permalinks like so:... Read More

How to fix responsive layout issues in WordPress

Responsive layout is an important factor for your website. In order to be able to fix an issue you first must be certain that this is happening to every visitor and not just you. Most people use their own phone for testing which is fine, but if you are collaborating with somebody else to help you fix an issue in your responsive layout you require common testing ground. A browser based testing tool also rules out any local issue on your phone.... Read More

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