Mini plugin: Display Current Server Date and Time

This is a mini plugin that displays the current server date and time on each WooCommerce Single Product page or by shortcode. I use it for troubleshooting timed events linked to WooCommerce orders.

Date and time gets displayed:

How to reset WP Offload S3 when your S3 bucket has changed

I am a fan of speed optimisation and also like to tinker with WP Offload S3 by delicious brains. Recently I found myself in the need of reseting the media library uploads.

I had cleared my old S3 bucket and created a new one, however WP Offload S3 ... Read More

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How to auto complete WooCommerce orders

Processing instead of complete because of physical shipment

WooCommerce per default sets all WooCommerce orders to processing after a successful payment. The reason behind this is that it assumes you are selling physical goods that need to be shi... Read More

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How to fix responsive layout issues in WordPress

Responsive layout is an important factor for your website. In order to be able to fix an issue you first must be certain that this is happening to every visitor and not just you. Most people use their own phone for testing which is fine, but if you are co... Read More

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