How to setup availability rules in WooCommerce Bookings

Availability rules galore

WooCommerce Bookings can be tough to setup. In my recent weeks, I have compiled a “rule of thumb” list that I stick to whenever I solve bookings scenarios.

Most issues arise in configuring the right availability for a custom scenario. Oftentimes people end up with either the wrong or no bookable slots at all. In my experience this is often caused by too many availability rules that end up interfering with each other.

How to fix broken links and missing pages in WordPress by resetting permalinks

The permalink structure can get lost sometimes

Sometimes the link structure on your WordPress needs a jumpstart.  After deploying your site, installing new features or just plain high volume day to day operation your links may have moved to places where they don’t belong. If you are seeing unexpected 404 pages, for example with redirection after successful payments in WooCommerce, try resetting your permalinks like so:

Reset permalinks manually

Make a full backup, before you do anything.
Go to General > Permalinks
Whatever your settings are, select a different permalink option and hit Save.

How to auto complete WooCommerce orders

Processing instead of complete because of physical shipment
WooCommerce per default sets all WooCommerce orders to processing after a successful payment. The reason behind this is that it assumes you are selling physical goods that need to be shipped.
Complete WooCommerce orders automatically
For many people this does not fit their use case. You might require all your order to automatically complete all your orders. There are several ways to achieve this.

Set your product to both “Downloadable” and “Virtual”.