How to check and resolve conflict in WordPress and WooCommerce

Check for conflict fast
If your problem is unrelated to login / logout, you can use the health check plugin for checking for conflict fast.
Checklist for resolving conflict
Here is a checklist for you to go through all steps of resolving conflict on your WordPress and WooCommerce site. Scroll down for detailed information for all steps. Happy troubleshooting.

Component conflict occurs often
WordPress is simple and stable out of the box. As you customise your site with a custom theme and plugins and custom code, conflict can occur.

On support in WooCommerce

This post reflects solely my personal opinion. It is not affiliated or supported by Automattic or WooCommerce in any ways.

What do you get when you shop at

When you buy an extension at you buy three things.

Access to the files you purchased.
All files may be downloaded unlimited times for as long as your subscription is valid.
Access to a closed support form.
You may contact the WooCommerce team directly via the support form, which opens a ticket in ZenDesk.

How to test and resolve your active WordPress theme for conflict with WooCommerce

Updates, updates, updates

WordPress and WooCommerce are in a constant state of update. This is good, updates keep your site stable. If all your WordPress site components are built modular and there is no overwriting of files, the updates will keep your site running smoothly, because they all get applied, no problem.

Template overwrites block updates

But if there are components that get overwritten they are excluded from the update process.

How to troubleshoot WooCommerce CSV files with faulty or incomplete import

Import almost all the things offers two official CSV import extensions. The Product CSV Import Suite and Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite. Both extensions allow you to import CSV files to create bulk entries.

When your CSV import fails or produces incomplete results, most of the time your CSV file is either missing data or it contains incompatible data.


Check column titles first

The first thing you should check are your header columns. We have column header reference help pages that give you a complete overview over supported column titles and the data they accept.

How to download and install a WordPress plugin manually from

GitHub holds a wealth of WordPress and WooCommerce plugins. Each of the can be downloaded and used like any other WordPress / WooCommerce plugin.

It requires one additional step of preparation though: When downloading a plugin from GitHub you need to rename the root folder of the plugin and then recompress the folder again without the “master” in the filename for upload.

Too small? View GIF in full size.

You can now upload the file manually.

Re:Post – How to improve loading speed of your WordPress / WooCommerce site

This is a Re:Post of an helpdesk article originally published on from 2015.

Speed up?

Getting your site to load faster is something that you will eventually confront. Since we get asked a lot about speed optimization, here are some tips on how to tackle it.

Before thinking about optimization methods, you should first analyze your current website speed. When you say your site is slow, it might load fine for others for many reasons. Therefore the first step is to perform a speed test with a web-tool measuring the status quo.

How to change ‘select options’ ‘add to cart’ button text in WooCommerce

You can use a filter to change the ‘select options’ button text in WooCommerce like so:

If you are unsure on what to do with this, read this first: How to use custom code snippets.

If I find the time I will turn this into a mini plugin for convenient use. Let me know in the comments, if you would have need of this.

This code snippet taps into the “Add to Cart” button for WooCommerce core so it can also be used to modify it.

For WooCommerce Subscriptions this is not necessary.