How to bookmark WordPress plugins using ‘My Favorites’ on

Ever wondered what the ‘favorite’ button does when you browse the¬†WordPress plugin repository?

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How to download and install a WordPress plugin manually from

GitHub holds a wealth of WordPress and WooCommerce plugins. Each of the can be downloaded and used like any other WordPress / WooCommerce plugin.

It requires one additional step of preparation though: When downloading a plugin from GitHub you need ... Read More

How to disable TaxJar adding taxes on WooCommerce Subscriptions free trials

When using TaxJar with WooCommerce Subscriptions, taxes can get calculated for free trials.

We will work on getting this fixed. In the mean time use this snippet to counter the behaviour:

remove_action( 'woocomm...  Read More

How to export all orders regardless of their order status when using Order/Customer CSV Export

When using WooCommerce¬†Order/Customer CSV Export, each order gets only exported once. After the initial export the order is marked as ‘already exported’ and thus skipped in subsequent exports. Sometimes you want to export all orders even when ... Read More

How to sync WordPress / WooCommerce staging and production site. A current overview.

The problem scenario

I have come across many different scenarios and tickets where it would have been mighty helpful to be able to sync two WooCommerce sites. This is one of my favourite subjects so I try to keep tabs on various ... Read More

How to troubleshoot duplicate or unprocessed renewal payments in WooCommerce Subscriptions

How WooCommerce Subscriptions renewal payments can fail

WooCommerce Subscriptions renewal payments can show faulty behaviour by either not being processed or by being processed twice (or more). Here is what you can do when trying to troubleshoot ... Read More

Cannot save Custom Fields in WordPress backend

Sometimes custom fields fail to save. As a possible solution you can try and increase the max_input_vars which was introduced in PHP version 5.3.9. The default value for max_input_vars is 1000, which means that if your form has h... Read More

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