How to update or install a WordPress plugin manually via FTP or backend.

Sometimes you cannot update a WordPress or WooCommerce plugin via your backend using the auto update option. It happens. My advice: ignore it and update manually. Only if the issue persists and the lack of auto update is starting to annoy you multiple times, escalate to a support queue.

A manual update for a paid WooCommerce extension is done as follows.

Go to your WooCommerce account and download the extension.
Unpack the extension.
Upload via a FTP client.

How to create screenshots and screencasts for support tickets

Show instead of tell

When asking for support it is essential to be able to create and provide screenshots and screencasts to the party that you seek support from. It saves both sides an enormous amount of time and will get you a faster answer every time. Here are two tips to help you get a faster reply from any support you are working with:

Tipp 1 -For each “where?” provide an URL and screenshot:

Every support request starts with an initial location and then hops on to multiple locations (cart page, checkout and so on).

WooCommerce Deposits video walkthrough review

WooCommerce Deposits is allows you to either accept a one time upfront payment or create a payment plan for your products.

What it does: The extension does all required calculations for you according to your desired payment settings. It then creates an initial order and splits up the remaining amounts into single orders that get created automatically on the scheduled date. Just like scheduled posts in WordPress.

What it does not: It is independent of payment gateways as it does not automatically collect any payment nor does it automatically create invoices.

How to backup your WordPress database and files

Most people think of a backup only when they really need it. Be one of the people that think about backups before you need them. Best case scenario is to have a full backup ready, that includes your database and all files, to rollback to at any given time.

What does your individual WordPress consist of?

Your WordPress installation is your custom installation because of:

its database and
its /wp-content/ folder

If you have a backup of both you are set.

How to change MySQL database collation using Adminer plugin

The adminer plugin by Frank Bültge has been discontinued. Here is an alternative: – the steps outlined are identical with ARI Adminer.

When using WordPress in a non-english version, problems with the character set of your output can arise. German for example has these special characters called “Umlaute” -> Ä Ü Ö

Your database must be set to handle these kind of special characters.