Plugin: WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients

WooCommerce emails can only have one email recipient. Sometimes you need more then that. This plugin allows you to set up to five additional email addresses that can be used as additional email recipients for WooCommerce notification emails. You can selec... Read More

How to fix E-Mail problems in WordPress and WooCommerce

A frequent issue in WordPress or WooCommerce: Email do not get sent. Here is a suggested path to resolve this.

Step 1: Install a log to see if mails get triggered

The first thing you want to do when dealing with this is make sure, that the... Read More

Mini Plugin: WooCommerce edit Free! Price String

This is a mini plugin that lets you edit the price string of WooCommerce products that are set free / zero price.

[su_note note_color="#ff66a8"]Since WooCommerce 3.0 there is no "Free!" text string used anymore. This plugin will install fine but might... Read More

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