Duplicate images when using WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite

When usingĀ WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite you may at one point find yourself with duplicated images in your media library.

WooCommerce has an FAQ here thatĀ explains how to avoid physical duplication of image files on your server.

The images will still always beĀ duplicated in your Media Library though, here is why.

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How to resolve conflict in WordPress and WooCommerce using Plugin Organizer

Plugin Organizer is one of my most essential tools. There is hardly anything better for resolving conflict. It is also a nice tool Post Views: 725

And then there were 5000.

The facebook group “Advanced WooCommerce” that I started a... Read More

How to use WordPress custom code snippets

Additional features and minor customisations can be achieved via the use of custom code snippets.

Use the functions.php file

These snippet go in the functions.php file of your (child) theme. You can find more info on this in the WordPress ... Read More

WooCommerce Subscriptions translating the price string

Translating the WooCommerce Subscriptions price string is a frequently asked question we get in support.

EDIT: I made this into a mini plugin.

In ... Read More

How to send passwords securely

Sending password credentials via email is unsafe.
Here are some web tools to send us passwords more securely:

WooCommerce Subscriptions blank settings after upgrade

If you have a blank WooCommerce Subscriptions or WooCommerce Checkout settings page after upgrading to WordPress 4.4 while running WooCommerce Subscriptions, then you might have run into anĀ error caused by a modification in a core file that was released w... Read More

WooCommerce database transient issue

We have an ongoing discussion here.


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WooThemes Support Tipps

  1. Our ticket system sometimes has trouble with email and you cannot use any other mail address but the one registered with our ticket system. To play it safe:Ā Please always reply directly w... Read More

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